Cherry Mascarpone Ice Cream + Chocolate Waffle Cones

I am writing to you from the cluttered aftermath of what might have been a normal, quiet evening at home, had it not been for homemade cherry ice cream. It all started with a couple of margaritas (still working on those limes!) which is really when things got fuzzy. I do remember and totally condone the Chipotle take-out that followed but after that it’s anyone’s guess.

In the cruel, condemning light of morning I see waffle cones with curious bite marks, strewn across the kitchen counter in a constellation significant of only the fiercest, most crass of midnight binges. Spoons lie littering the sink, still thickly coated with dairy. German films on VHS are stacked on the coffee table. What happened here last night!?

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Where My Vegans At?

I went through a phase last winter where I was experimenting with raw and vegan desserts. I don’t remember how it started but it most definitely ended with unrestrained ice cream consumption. The problem was that I discovered a secret ingredient that shamed all ice creams I had made before. Behold: the avocado! I found a recipe for raw chocolate ice cream that contained just three ingredients: avocado, raw cacao powder and raw agave nectar. Do not be put off by the avocado. It’s your raw and vegan key to extreme creaminess. The cacao totally covers the taste and your agave nectar makes it sweet. I’ve made countless ice creams since then using avocado as a base and remain baffled by it’s rich and creamy texture every. single. time. Today I offer a you a variation of this vegan treat. It’s a vegan chocolate goji ice cream.

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