Corn Flake Ice Cream

File my reaction under “grotesquely surprised” if you remain unfamiliar with the existence of Momofuku’s famed Cereal Milkā„¢. It’s okay, I’m not mad, just surprised and will now contort my face into a super unattractive expression of untainted astonishment and curiosity.

If you haven’t heard of said milk, do not be ashamed. In fact, I love you for living in a world unmarred by twisted diary dreamscapes. This magical milk essentially captures the flavor of milk at the end of a bowl of cereal. It’s made by steeping milk in toasted cornflakes with a bit of brown sugar. I first thought to make this milk and use it in a batch of waffle cones. Approximately 2 seconds later I realized the obvious: this milk should be made into ice cream!

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